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Trusted Internet

When you're connected, you're protected.®


Simple. Secure. Compliant. Encrypted Document Collaboration and Email for Business.


Cybersecurity and Compliance Made Easy. Simplify cybersecurity and compliance with the platform that’s highest rated by customers.

Cocoon Data

The creators of SafeShare: Military Grade, Highly Secure, End to End Encrypted File Storage & File Sharing Platform.

Volar Security

Over 20 years of enterprise-level business experience supporting federal and commercial customers, Volar Security helps identify gaps in your information security program and assist in correcting any deficiencies in your cybersecurity and protection technologies.

Lifeline Data Centers

Since 2001, Lifeline Data Centers has pioneered affordable hardened facilities and secure cloud platforms. Lifeline is FedRAMP Ready and capable of discussing top secret data hosting and corporate America utilizes Lifeline to host its data in the same secure environment.