GSec LLC understands that requirements are confusing and ever-changing, and we do not want that to cause more expenses for our clients. Our experts analyze the most cost-efficient and secure solutions based on our client’s size and needs and we can assist with anything from short-term projects or complete project management from inception to implementation.

Our services range from on-call support to entire project management for all facets of security. GSec LLC has focused on reducing costs for their clients by implementing repeatable processes and using its small size and lack of substantial overhead to provide manageable pricing for micro/small businesses and non-profit agencies seeking assistance navigating through these requirements.

All service rates are negotiable and scalable based on client size and needs. Pricing is based an initial assessment of a client’s system and generate a customized roadmap for compliance. Once the initial assessment is complete, our team creates a custom roadmap for our client with suggested corrective actions and logical solutions to close any gaps identified.

GSec LLC is strategically aligned with other consultants, RPOs, and C3PAOs who can assist with official certification and are partnered with other certified companies who can assist with continuous monitoring.

Typically, depending on client size and desired timelines, our team can complete an assessment and roadmap in under one month.

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Readiness & Implementation

This emergent requirement can be ambiguous and confusing, but our CMMC Accreditation Body (CMMC-AB) Certified Registered Practitioners (RPs) help our clients understand and prepare for what is coming next. Our team has completed CMMC-AB training and abides by the CMMC-AB Code of Conduct to maintain certification. GSec LLC is a Registered Provider Organization with a focus on CMMC compliance readiness and implementation. Our team collaborates virtually with our clients’ leadership and personnel against an aggressive timeline to provide an initial assessment, identify gaps, and generate a customized roadmap toward compliance. Some portions of the assessments may need to be performed in person, but most of the assessments can be performed remotely.

Compliance Implementation Experts

Our team collaborates with client leadership to ensure their organizations are prepared for emergent requirements and get ahead of potential negative impacts. We know the effects that poorly managed security operations or subpar inspection results can have on a company’s reputation and ability to maintain business operations and win future contracts. We aim for repeatable, superior ratings to increase future business.

We work side-by-side with our clients to conduct self-inspections, identify gaps and weaknesses, develop remediation plans with milestones, provide custom documentation and procedures, and re-assess until they feel completely prepared for their upcoming assessment or audits. We collaborate with our clients to build a strong, auditable foundation that is aligned with their organization’s mission. Our team can be as hands-on or hands-off as requested; in-person or remote. Our services are customizable and scalable to any organization’s needs.

Risk Management Framework (RMF) Assistance

Our experienced staff provides professional advice through all phases of the RMF Lifecycle and assists with organization and system documentation preparation or modification. We have experience building Standard Operating Procedures, Network Diagrams & Flows, Local Policies & Procedures, Corporate Policies, and many more custom documents required as artifacts to support RMF.

Facility Security Officer Services

With over fifteen years of FSO experience, we can assist your organization with small projects such as filing & organization or prepare briefings or completely outsource your FSO duties to one of our seasoned AFSOs.

We also offer customized newsletters & forms, on-call advice & expert guidance, JPAS/DISS Maintenance & Help, and required training assistance. Whether it’s SOPs, Records, Policies, or schedules, we can help.